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The Rhinehart’s Story

Craig and Amy opened their first luxurious eating establishment in 1983 with little more than a small refrigerator and their Aunt Nancy's toaster oven (and you thought they were just rich kids doing this for kicks).

They tried and learned many things over the years and came to the conclusion that Here's where it all started

  1. You don't have to wear a tie or pantyhose to eat oysters,
  2. Ice-cold beer makes the world a friendlier place,
  3. People won't get nervous if your restaurant looks like a broken down beach shack,
  4. You don't get dishpan hands if you use paper plates, and
  5. If most everything on your menu is under $10.00, men will bring their wives.

Keeping this in mind, they opened their "Beyond Casual" Oyster Bar and called it Rhinehart's (Aunt Nancy's maiden name).

Rhinehart's moister oysters, homebaked bread and attentive, hardworking staff quickly became a hit in Augusta. People began to tell their friends (or relatives if they couldn't afford friends) to look for Rhinehart's for good food and great fun ... and they lived happily ever after!

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